The Wandering Text Of Drew

9 December
I've moved around quite a bit.

1776, 80's, alpha phi omega, alternate history, animaniacs, apo, audio adrenaline, axis and allies, barney miller, bbc america, bible, blake shelton, broadway, c.s.i., c.s.i. miami, c.s.i. new york, caffine, calvin and hobbes, cartoons, celtic music, christianity, christopher stasheff, clarkson university, classical, clay crosse, comic strips, computers, country music, coupling, david weber, delta sigma pi, digital cameras, dilbert, dsp, dvds, emerson drive, fairly odd parents, fantasy, fantasy football, ffh, fight club, five iron frenzy, foxtrot, friends, get fuzzy, god, good charlotte, great big sea, ground force, harry potter, harry turtledove, history, hokus pick manouver, hustle, hustle on amc, incubus, insanity, internet, jars of clay, jimmy eat world, jump5, junkyard wars, kitchen parties, lego, lonestar, lord of the dance, love, m*a*s*h, mark wills, marklin, michael w. smith, model railroading, monster garage, monty python, movies, moxy fruvous, mp3s, mtv 2, muppets, music, musicals, mxpx, newsboys, nouveaux, nyc subway, papa john's, petra, pfr, pinky and the brain, plankeye, plattsburgh state university, plumb, poetry, pump up the volume, radix, rascal flatts, redwall, rent, road trips, rock music, romance, root beer, sarah masen, sawyer brown, science fiction, simple plan, sixwire, slot car racing, softball, something corporate, sonicflood, soundtracks, speck, sr-71, starlight express, steve taylor, steven curtis chapman, stocks, stuyvesant high school, the 80's, the amazing race, the farside, the muppet show, the princess bride, the red star, toby keith, too much to list, toys'r'us, trading spaces, tricia, trick pony, university at buffalo, van gogh, vanilla coke, video games, wallace and grommit, world cup soccer, z guage, zits