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The Wandering Text Of Drew
Been awhile, I know. Wondering if I'll start journaling again. I moved away from Facebook, as it took up too much time and I wasn't very happy with some of the changes being made. Anyway, wishing everyone all the best. G'night all.

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I wonder why I stopped posting here.... And I wonder what inspired me to come back tonight....

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Hello Live Journal Friends and others who might be viewing this. I know.... it has been awhile, but I am finally posting to my journal again. I don't know if it was the two heavy thunderstorms with quarter size hail, the tornado warning and having to head to shelter because one had touched down near town this afternoon, or what but I finally feel I have something to post about. This weekend it is out to Susan's parent's farm for a visit, with Susan and her son Evan of course. In two weeks I'm heading out to Kansas City with Susan for the weekend. A week later I'm flying to Arizona, with a stop to change planes in Las Vegas, for a computer program conference for work for four days and three nights. And then the weekend before Thanksgiving, Susan and I are flying to NYC so she can meet my parents, some friends from back home, see my old stomping grounds and most importantly so we can have a nice vacation from work. (We're only an hour drive from her childhood; NYC is a lot harder to get back to.) Fly out from Kansas City on Saturday the 17th of November and back from NYC on the 24th. Things are going well for Susan and I, and we are looking towards our future together. I love her and her son Evan very much and hope and pray that someday we shall make our relationship a permanent one. :-) Last month was a visit to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival, a meal at the historic City Market in KC, a trip to the Steamboat Arabia museum, a Kansas City Royals game (where they got beat by Minneasota), visiting and meeting some of Susan's friends from the area; overall a wonderful 4 day weekend. Work continues and I'll leave that at that. God has been and continues to be good in my life, and I am very thankful for that. Take care everyone, and know that even though I don't always post or have time to read everything about your lives, my past and present friends are never far from my thoughts. :-) Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Night Everyone!!!!!!

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I'm not dead... just been away from my computer for awhile. Hope you enjoy!
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Classical music played very very well on the Electric Guitar!
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Another Rob Paravonian YouTube post! :-)
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